Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mandela Progress

I am trying very hard to be good this weekend. I'm trying very hard not to start a new project or pick up another WIP. Instead, I'm plugging away on the Chatelaine Designs Knot Garden.

Chatelaine Designs Knot Garden 2x2 HDF and SNC
on 30ct Legacy Dower Linen Coconut Cream

I really enjoy working on this piece, for all my grumbling. But I think it is more the tactile enjoyment of the quality of the materials rather than being in love with the design. I'm using HDF instead of DMC and the fabric is 30ct Legacy Dower Linen - one of my favorite linens - great hand, soft but not limp - a nice substantial linen.

I'm doing this piece as a companion to the Convent Herb Garden. I'm hoping to frame them as a pair (yeah right - when was the last time I framed ANYTHING?)

On another note, I picked up enough of Kristen Fox's Celtic Letters from Stab and Stash to spell out welcome in Gaelic (Failte).

I have a Failte sign in my front entry but I'd like to put up a stitched on instead. I didn't realize the letters are 150x150 (or about 7.5"x7.5" 2x on 40 ct) bringing the entire sign to 38" - looks like another BAP to me. But I think I will substitute an overdyed silk for the multi-color confetti stitches and do each letter in a different color - I'm thinking I'll use 40ct PTP Relic if I can get a cut that will work. I'll use a dark green overdyed for the leaves and maybe a bluish silk for the circular motifs. Another BAP to kit up - like I need another one!

It's warm and windy here today - one of those odd January days you can get in the midwest - so I'm off to get a little sunshine!

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grahamthomas said...

Oh my goodness! I have no idea if you will even receive this, but somehow I happened upon your blog (because I am depressed and looked for garden type look at, because I'm too depressed to get off my rear and make something myself...)

Anyway...I saw this picture of partially finished knot garden embroidery (cross stitch???) and would have fallen off the couch...but my legs fell asleep awhile ago from my laptop.

This is the most gorgeous embroidered picture!!! I love embroidery, although it's been awhile...but I'm a gardener and have been planting a knot garden for the last five years.

I'm blathering, but the work is absolutely stunning. are one talented gal. I read one of your blogs. Did you send some schmuck actual embroidery and they didn't reciprocate?? Sorry...was trying to figure out what happened.

Ok...I really DO have to move my legs now. Loved your work...amazing! Lynette