Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I was bad - but I have a finish!

Ok - I wasn't good last week. I just couldn't face another weekend of BAP stitching.

La-D-Da Polly Wolly Doodle - GAST 1 x 2 on 40ct Sand Linen

I didn't start anything new - well not at first. I finished a band sampler I had started last year (HDF on 30ct Legacy Dower Linen - a dream to stitch). It's very long so I'll post a picture when I have sunshine and someone to hold it up for the photo! I was really pleased with the finish.

So, to celebrate, I had a new start! And a new finish! What a wonderful quick little stitch!

I kitted up La-D-Da's Polly Wolly Doodle last summer at a LNS in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Its bright colors and happy little picture was just the thing for winter blahs!

I might even frame this one. (Yeah right).

On another note - I purchased and downloaded Anagram Diffusion's Four Seasons Sampler last week. All their patterns have been discontinued but are available at 1/4 the cost for download. Quite a deal. I'm also expecting another load of Annie's Keepers so I can get all my new silks into storage.

Until I have sunshine for a picture - stay warm!



tpdebbie said...

hi, i hope you don;t mind me contacting you. I had put a comment on an old 2008 post but not sure if it wld get to you. I;ve never posted before on a blog.

I was after some advice on Annies Keepers. How are you getting on with this system? What happens when you purchase new threads. Surely every "Keeper" is going to have to be moved along on each Storage Slide to make room for the new threads. Wouldn;t this take a huge amount of time to go through your whole filing system?

I;m really keen to purchase this but needed a bit of advice.
thks in advance
debbie (UK)

LoriRay said...

Yay for new starts and yay for finishes! :) I can't wait to see your band sampler.

Meanwhile, how 'bout another new start? LOL ;-)

I really like your La-D-Da piece. 40 count linen is awesome!

Chele said...

Hi Debbie -

I hope you check back here - I would email you but I don't have your email address.

Yes, I have had to do some rearranging on the slides when I add a lot of new colors. When I first put the keepers on the slides, I left some space on the slides for future purchases. It seemed like I ran out of space pretty quickly - I guess it was a revelation about how many threads I had. The good thing is that the keepers move on the slides very easily.

I think I've purchase 400 keepers and probably 15-20 slides so far. I just placed another order with Nordic Needle for 300 more keepers and 15? more storage slide for all the silks I've purchase in the lase few months. It was a shock to realize how much I had!

For me, it is absolutely the best system for storing the silks. I can put the slides on rings or project slides and then use labels to put the symbol for each color. And storing the slides in a plastic file box keeps out the dust (and the cats!)

There's a little keeper starter system you can purchase to try it out. I think that Mary Jane's and Nordic Needle both carry the starter kit and refills. I highly recommend it. And if you choose to purchase a kit, email me at micheleshopping@yahoo.com and I'll be happy to send you my Word files of labels for HDF, SNC, Silk Mori, AVAS, Gloriana, GAST and Weeks.

Let me know if I can help!


Carol R said...

Where can I buy the 4 Seasons chart from?