Monday, November 17, 2008

Six months later . . .

Ok - it's taken me six months to update this blog. Sigh. I could claim that I was furiously stitching away during the past months - although that's not the entire truth. The truth--I was lazy -- and stitching!

Here's my big finish! By the end, it was only grim determination that got it done!

Quaker Virtues - 1x1 on 25ct Platinum Jubilee with thirty different silks.

See my webshots site for detail photos at:

Here's my fiber list:

Au Ver a Soie - 1711, 1712, 1713, 1733, Creme Blanc, 3422, 3423
Belle Soie - Fern Frond
Dinky Dyes - Mint
Gloriana - 071 Winter Brook, 132 Lavender Ice
Hand-Dyed Fibers - Examplar Salty Sea, Magpie Twitters, Steelies 2449, Velvet Midnight 2149 and 2151
Silk'n Colors - Aqua Clouds, Pearled Blues, Heirloom Blues, Green Tea Leaves, Surf & Sky, Slate Blue, Blue Cotton Frocks, Blue Sage, Sea Heather
Waterlilies - Ice

The whole piece only measures 14 x 11 - there's a whole lot of stitching in that small piece! And a whole lot of frogging - that little round motif above the EQ of Equality was stitched and restitched at least four times.

This was the first piece I did in my own colorway and I thoroughly enjoyed picking out the colors (if not the indecision about whether I should use a dark one or a light one here or if the left side was "heavier" than the right.)

I am really pleased how the piece turned out. I really love the look of the two-color pieces people are doing - very dramatic - but I like the more subtle effect here as well. I think it turned out much better than I thought it would!

Now, off to finish the other dozen BAPs in my WIP list!