Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So much for good intentions . . .

This week I tried to be so good.I inventoried all of my non-DMC floss and Mill Hill beads.  I ordered more of Annie's Keepers and storage slides to use for the silks and printed out my label sheets for them.   

In the face of 40+ WIPs and UFOs, I vowed not to buy anything more till I finished some of them.   Yeah, right.

My downfall was the autoship of Hand-Dyed Fibers' May Regular Floss-of-the-Month assortment.  Look at them - don't they just scream STITCH ME?!  NOW!

And then a badly behaved little voice said: Ink Circles Garden Stars would be perfect!  That's it!  Order it now!  Oh, and order a few more patterns to make the shipping less unreasonable! Yeah, that's it!

Because I have no willpower at all, I ordered Garden Stars, Nostalgic Needle's Strawberry Thief, and Fingerwork's Playful Day Necessaire from Wyndham Needleworks.  Just to spread out the shipping charges.  Really.

Now, I just need to go buy some 36ct White Linen or maybe 32ct. white evenweave to go with the pattern that I bought to go with the silks. And maybe a few more Silk'n Colors to justify the cost of the gas to get over to my LNS.


New Blog Design

I'm trying for a cleaner look and pledge shorter posts and more photos. That means, of course, that I'll have to figure out how to photograph my needlework. (sigh).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A little masochism never hurt anyone

I guess discovering I had over 30 UFOs and more than 40 kits ready to go just wasn't enough masochism for one week. So, I dug into the cedar closet and pulled out the Rubbermaid bin full of charts and decided it was time to inventory the lot.  The 300+ lot.  What was I thinking?

So I broke out the Excel, decided on the bar minimum of information I would need and pulled out the first four inches of books . . . 

As much as I dreaded this voyage of self-discovery, the cataloging was not nearly as awful as I thought it would be.  I've been stitching since I was 13 and used to frequent the few good local cross stitch shops and buy charts by weight (sigh).  And some of those charts were like old friends - and I made a few pleasant discoveries.

First off, I think I've purchased just about every Just Nan pattern and about half of the Shepherd's Bush kits and patterns available.  I had a long flirtation with Paula Vaughan - and actually stitched a number of her projects.  I still love the La Broderie patterns (are they even available anymore?)  I found I had already purchased Permin's Dutch Beauty and was very thankful that I hesitated in hitting the "purchase" button on that pattern a few weeks ago.    I also discovered I didn't need to buy the Donna Vermillion Giampa fruit pillow patterns since I had them in my old issues of Just Cross Stitch and a sampler I was having trouble finding was actually first published in another magazine I had purchased many many years ago.

You may be wondering how I could have been so completely out of touch with my stash.  Well - I didn't stitch for five years between 2002 and 2007 - kids, law school, my husband's new business and my perpetually dirty house pretty much precluded any hobby.  So I had accumulated and accumulated and stuffed everything in the cedar closet for five years. 

So - along with the 11 WIPS (and I still think there are a couple more around here) and the 50+ kits/kitted projects ready to go, I have a whole bunch of unkitted charts I really, really want to do.   I also have 200+ charts, 8-10 kits and about 30 magazines for which I need to find new homes.  (I just have to figure out how to sell them or give them away - and if anyone would want them)  

All in all, my voyage of cross-stitch self-discovery has not been as painful or as guilt-inducing as I feared.  I think I need this kind of "sort, keep or trash activity" every few years otherwise I find I accumulate much too much baggage - both physically and emotionally.  

And, of course, I have so much more room for new stash!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

An intervention over here, please.

My name is Michele and I'm a cross-stitch addict.  Or maybe a "start a new project" addict.  Or a "I'll kit up one more project, just in case" addict.

After spending a small fortune at Cecilia's Samplers in Branson, Missouri, last weekend (including the linen for And They Sinned and another six or seven charts, some fabric, etc.) I just had to go to my local LNS for some AVAS for one of the charts I bought in Branson and while I was there I just had to buy six skeins of Silk'n Colors for the Quaker Virtues.  Then, of course, I had to do some online shopping for the fabric for Quaker Virtues  (see a pattern here?).

Feeling a bit guilty, I decided to go through my WIP rotation and see what I exactly I am working one.  And then, I decide I should see exactly what I have kitted up.  Which led me to pull out the two Rubbermaid bins in the cedar closet (one of UFOs, and one of kits) and list all of those, as well.

And here's the damage:

WIPs in my current rotation:   11 (see right)
Projects I've kitted for near-term starts: 19
UFOs - at least for now: 28 (cringing)
Kits kitted for the future: 35 (really cringing)

Most of what I have kitted are BAPs - most are silk on linen.  I don't even want to know what I have invested in those alone!

On top of all the kits and WIPs and UFOs,  I have 186 charts, many with fibers or beads, in my "really want to do someday" box.   These charts are wholly separate from the large storage (file) box of three or four hundred charts I still have in my cedar closet.  And I know there are at least three or four more WIPs/UFOs around here somewhere.

Most disturbing is that I found a number of charts/kits in my boxes that I currently have on my Wishlist.  That would explain my habit of buying duplicates.  (Well, at least I'm consistent with what I like!)

So, an intervention is required, I believe.   

And, just because I can - here's the entire list.  No joke!

(see right for my WIP rotation)

Kits and Kitted (in the pipeline for a near term start) 

Blackbird Designs – I Thee Wed

ByGone Stitches – Quaker Virtues

Dinky Dies – Summer Breeze Biscornu

Donna Vermillion Giampa – Orchard Apples Pillow

GPA – Seasonal Biscornu

La-D-Da – Five Fine Roosters

Long Dog Samplers – All Things I

Long Dog Samplers – All Things II

Lorri Birmingham Designs – Shamrock Scissor Fob

M Designs – Name Trees for Quintin and Taylor

Nora Corbett – Silver Dragonfly

Plum Street Samplers – Give

Shepherd’s Bush – Christian’s Stocking

Shepherd’s Bush – Harry’s Stocking

Shepherd’s Bush – In My Garden Scissor Fob

Sweetheart Tree – Cherry Blossoms Biscornu

Teresa Wentlzer – The Guardian

The Drawn Thread – Three Friends

The Elegant Needle – Showers of Blessings for You

The Sampler House – Field of Berries Sampler

The Silver Lining – Summertime Blues


UFOs (I'll finish these someday.  Really.  I will.  Absolutely.) 

Alma Lynn Designs – Angel Heart Sampler (DMC/perle on even weave)

Bucilla Kit – Things Worth Keeping (rekitted with DMC on evenweave)

Color Charts -  Steve Polomchak’s Wrapped in White (DMC on Aida)

Color Charts – Haruyo Morita’s Weeping Wisteria (DMC on linen)

Dimensions – Linda Gillum’s Romantic Roses (DMC on Aida)

DMC – Wildflowers (freebie) (DMC x 2 on 32ct Confederate Driftwood linen)

Earth Threads – Jeffrey’s Baby Sampler (DMC and GAST on linen)

Heaven and Earth Designs – Keltic Mandela (Jen Delyth Keltic Designs) (2007)

Imaginating – Snow Likely (DMC on Quaker Cloth?)

Just Nan – Peacock Majesty (DMC on 32 ct Sapphire linen)

Lizzie Kate – Flip It October (DMC on linen)

Lorri Birmingham Designs – Come and Share a Pot of Tea (DMC on linen)

Lorri Birmingham Designs – Heirloom Birth Sampler (DMC and Perle on 32ct white linen)

Mirabilia – Stone Roses (DMC on 36ct linen)

Shepherd’s Bush – Beekeeper’s Cottage (AVAS on linen)

Shepherd’s Bush – Blackberry Sampler (AVAS on linen)

Shepherd’s Bush – Peter’s Stocking (Perle on linen)

Shepherd’s Bush – Saint Peter’s Fair (AVAS on linen)

Shepherd’s Bush – Shepherd’s Spring

Shepherd’s Bush – Thanksgiving Needle Roll (DMC on linen)

Shepherd’s Bush – The Earth Gatherers (DMC on linen)

Shepherd’s Bush – Welcome Baby Needle Roll (DMC on linen)

Stitch with Sudberry – Sewing Mice II (Donna Vermillion Giampa) (DMC on linen)

Teresa Wentzler – Dreamscape Carousel (DMC on Aida)

Teresa Wentzler – Night (DMC on linen)

The Cross Stitch Pattern Gallery – Claude Monet’s Garden Flower (DMC on evenweave)

The Drawn Thread – The Prairie Garden

The Silver Lining – Audrey (DMC x 2 on 36ct linen)

Whiskey Creek – Main Street Box (DMC on perforated paper)

Kits/Kitted (for the future)

Bucilla – Celestial Pillow

Charland Designs – Angelic Band Sampler

Charland Designs – Bedford Sampler (DMC on linen)

Charland Designs – Bee Hive Sampler

Charland Designs – Moon Sampler (1996)

Charland Designs – Plenty and Grace

Dimensions Gold Collection – The Snow Leopard

Elegant Needle – Believe in a Cure Needle Roll

Elsa Williams Heritage Collection – The English Garden

Just Nan – Pansey Cameo

Lorri Birmingham Designs – The Irish Needle Roll

Mill Hill – Spring Series V Bee Square

Shepherd’s Bush – Blackberrie Sampler (duplicate)

Shepherd’s Bush – Easter Needle Roll

Shepherd’s Bush – Fair Philomel

Shepherd’s Bush – Folk Heart Needle Roll

Shepherd’s Bush – In My Garden Needle Roll

Shepherd’s Bush – Joy (1997 )

Shepherd’s Bush – Long May She Wave Needle Roll

Shepherd’s Bush – Love

Shepherd’s Bush – Snow Fall Needle Roll

Shepherd’s Bush – St. Nicholas Needle Roll

Shepherd’s Bush – Sunflower Sampler

Shepherd’s Bush – The Potting Shed

Textile Heritage Collection – Celtic Spiral Bookmark

Textile Heritage Collection – Tartan Thistle (sachet)

The Drawn Thread – Lily of the Valley

The Drawn Thread – The Acorn Sampler

The Drawn Thread – The Alpine Garden

The Drawn Thread – The Wildflower Garden

The Drawn Thread – Winter Into Spring

The Victoria Sampler – February Needle Roll

Whiskey Creek – Cozy Valley Box

Whiskey Creek – Sunday Drive Box