Friday, December 5, 2008

Some small progress . . .

(I'm scattering the latest photos of the WIPs in my Hopeful Box -- that is, hopeful I will actually finish them someday-- throughout this post even though they have nothing to do with the text!)

Is it weird when you don't really mind frogging, and might actually enjoy it sometimes?

I decided to rescue a piece of 36ct Rue Green Linen (love the color and it's no longer made) from a Marjolein Basten start that I would never finish. I had maybe 2 x 3 inches of stitching to take out so I sat on the couch with my seam ripper and picked out all those stitches. I wound up tearing the linen (a distinct danger if you use a seam ripper - quick but dangerous) but it was in the middle so I have two good size pieces still.

Permin Museum Celle 1826 - HDF Black Iris series 1x2 on 36ct LL Vintage Sand.

Then, I started Chatelaine Designs Knot Garden last week. I don't know what I was thinking stitching 1 x 2 on 30ct Dower Linen with HDF (not a real "big" fiber). On the plus side - it had a nice delicate look. On the not-so-great side - it looked washed out and it lost the contrast between some of the thread colors. So, the other night, I took my trusty seam ripper and frogged out eight hours of stitching so I could restart it with 2x2. And I kind of enjoyed it.

Drawn Thread Three Friends, first panel, HDF 2x2 on 32ct PTP Legacy (I think).

Must be the destructive side of my nature. If I can confine it to ripping out threads then I'll be doing good! (grin).

Cross-Eyed Cricket Be Ye Thankful - GAST and DMC 1x2 on 32? ct greenish linen.
Since I didn't finish this in time for Thanksgiving, I imagine it will sit for another year. Sigh.

On a more positive note, I am feeling very virtuous this week. I managed to grant three wishes from the 123 message board the last couple of weeks. I sent one lady a skein of SNC I had from another project, another lady in England a box of DMC, and a third a chart. I even managed to get them all packaged up and to the post office. For me--that's progress. I even made a wish of my own -- not very hopeful it will be granted but that is to be expected - it's a wish!

Elegant Needle Showers of Blessings - HDF 2x2 on 30ct Coconut Macaroon Legacy Dower Linen.
I really need to finish this one - it's really lovely.

And a finish! This little piece is a gift for my youngest son's teacher if I ever manage to get it framed or finished!

Lizzie Kate Flip It Encourage - SNC, HDF, and Gloriana 1x2 on 36ct PTP Willow.

Stay warm and positive!