Thursday, February 26, 2009


Why the overwhelming need to whine? It must be the gloomy, wants-to-rain-but-won't, weather that's got me in the dumps today. But what's the use of having a blog if you can't occasionally post a good snivel.

Here's my problem: I recently participated in my first "real" exchange. The lady who set it up did a great job - she was really on the ball. And, if you read below you know, I was pretty excited about it. I ran around getting the bits and pieces to send to my partner, packaged it up pretty and even mailed it before the deadline.

So, it has been doubley disappointing that my partner didn't come through - poor communication and no reciprocal package . I couldn't get her to respond to my email correcting my address and, when I did hear from her, she didn't give me any guidance on her likes and dislikes.

I mailed the package and waited expectantly. The mailing date passes (Jan. 31) and I don't hear from her that she mailed her exchange. She emails me the following week that she received min (actually "got it") and "liked it" and that she would mail hers at the end of that week. Then, about ten days later, the lady running the asks that we mail her if we haven't received our end. So I do. And I get a ten word email from my partner saying to expect an envelope.

Two weeks later, nothing. So I'm kind of bummed. Maybe exchanges aren't for me. It would be nice to receive SOMETHING or at least a response more than got it and liked it. Oh well. I'll write this one off as an unfortunate episode. I guess this is a common problem in exchanges. (And I did email the lady in charge to let her know that my partner didn't come through but that I just writing it off).

But I'm still bummed.

I need chocolate.