Monday, January 26, 2009

Blessing Ball I - Girly and Gaudy

The pictures are not too great (it's late and I had to use my Iphone to photograph it under my Ott Lite) but you can get the idea of the start of the ball. It's much more "pastel" IRL.

I put the baby's name, birthdate, and weight/height after that, then rolled it up and tied it with an itsy bitsy ribbon.

The Celtic Blessing inside reads:

May strong arms hold you
Loving hands tend you
And love await you at every step.

The blessing and bell were put inside a scooped out 3" styrofoam ball that has been wrapped (temari style) with yarn and thread. The ball was then wrapped with an overdyed silk ribbon in pink/blue/green/lavender and then a 1/2" pink organza ribbon over that to tone down the colors. (The photograph makes the ribbon look much more vivid than in IRL).

The ball has (so far) been stitched with Waterlilies silk to make the vines and then decorated with silk ribbon leaves, 2 kinds of silk ribbon flowers, glass flowers and leaves and petite seed beads in clear and mauve (to make the buds at the base of the ribbon leaves).

I am going to string a bunch of crystal beads to hang in a bunch from the bottom with overdyed pink ribbons. I have embroidered some organza ribbon with the same vines as on the ball then beaded in clear and mauve to make the hanger. I'll probably put some ribbons or beads at the top to hide where the hanger is stitched on. I'm hoping to finish it this week and then get it off into the mail!

It's girly and gaudy (totally not my style) but I hope my friend (who is very girly) likes it. The next one will be a bit more toned down with greens, yellows, white and butterflies.

On another note, I can't resist posting these pictures of our crazy kitten Charger. He's about six months now and such a trip. He squeezes himself into the oddest places and then justs crashes. Gotta love kitty crashes.

(You'll notice that he's sleeping in my stitching corner - notice the scissors - under my Ott Lite.)


LoriRay said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, what a precious kitty! It does seem that our stitching spot is a cat's preferred place to crash. LOL!

Ott said...

Hey that's sooo cute. Especially since she is under an 'OttLite' lol

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