Friday, January 23, 2009

Goodies Goodies!

Lookie what I found at the most wonderful little store today. Overdyed silk ribbons, beads, little flowers, overdyed yarns - oh my! She has the coolest things at that store - ribbons, yarns, beads, and everything you need to crazy quilt (except the quilt fabric). Embellishment heaven!

I drove about thirty minutes to a wonderful fiber arts store in Parkville, Missouri this afternoon. I had spend the morning finishing my youngest son's pinewood derby car (why, in a housefull of motorhead men do *I* wind up making the car every year I'll never know) and decided I deserved a treat.

I have to make two blessing balls for friends who recently had daughters. The balls are like temari balls except they are wrapped in silk ribbon and embelished with beads and bows and all kinds of girly things. Kind of like a ball shaped crazy quilte.

The ball is hollowed out and a bell and a blessing is put inside before it is wrapped. Every time the bell rings, the baby is blessed.

I'm going to do one in pinks and yellows - very frilly, very girly. The other I am planning to do like a garden - all kinds of greens, leaves a few flowers peeping out, little crystal beads of dew and a butterfly or two. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to get one started. Tonight we finished up the car and my fingertips are too coated with super glue to do any fine work.

Meanwhile, I can gaze at this pile of goodies and sigh happily.

P.S. The store is called Florilegium - if you ever get within an hour of Parkville, Missouri (a norther suburb of Kansas City - you *must* make a visit!

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