Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stalking the mailman

Waiting for the Mail - Grant Wright Christian, 1937-38

Two posts in one week? Well, not really. This is more of a whine. But where better to whine than your blog?

Ok, here goes:

I hate waiting on mail. I have become so spoiled by vendors who ship quickly and shipping companies that get it right out that I can hardly stand it when I know something is on the way but I have to WAIT. And of course, I'm waiting on stitchy stuff. Really good stitchy stuff!

My Christmas gift from my sister is the kit and pattern for the Chatelaine Japanese Mandela. The kit and pattern were available just recently so my sister placed the order. When she checked back, Cindy at Europeanxs told here that one of the fibers was backordered and it would ship as soon as they came in. Cindy usually ships so fast that she doesn't need to send a notice that something shipped. The fabric came last week ( 32ct Star Sapphire linen from 123stitch). The waiting is driving me crazy!

(Ok, I have to admit it - I can't even start this anytime soon. I have WAY too many WIPS right now and I'm committed (or as committed as I can be) to finishing at least one BAP before I start another. I just want to play with the threads.)

AND then I have a linen of the month coming from Shakespeare's Peddler. It's an auto-ship but I know it's on its way because Teresa charged my card last week.

The worst part - I lost my mailbox key (somewhere in the house) so I can't check the mail when I get home. My husband gets the mail when he gets home - which means I have to wait AN HOUR till he gets there and then he knows what I bought (doubly bad!)

Ok, done whining. Sort of. For now.


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